Bentz Engineering, Stonington, CT
(1/5/96 - present)

Developing multi-dimensional visualization and distributed computing tools for the oil industry, through contract with Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. Web-based data exploration and visualization tool development.

Intelligent Agent development for setting up and running large-scale Internet simulation exercises.

Computer Security
Contracts with the U.S. Government, doing computer security research. Top Secret clearance.

Acoustic Arrays
Designed and built several generations of acoustic surveillance systems (in-air acoustic arrays). Projects involve acoustics theory; analog circuit and board fabrication; sensor machining; custom digital controller design, construction, and programming; system testing and characterization.

Recent Publications
Managing E&P Assets From a Portfolio Perspective, John I. Howell III, Roger N. Anderson, Albert Boulanger, Bryan Bentz, Oil & Gas Journal, Nov 20, 1998.

Kurzweil Applied Intelligence, Waltham MA
(3/2/94 - 1/5/96)

Manager of an advanced research group building next generation continuous speech & natural language systems. The group's first product (written in C++, released in December of 1997) is on the market as VoiceCommands. It allows a user to use continuous speech to control Microsoft Word.

Bolt Beranek & Newman, Cambridge MA

Applied Physics Department:
Designed and built the software package known as BBN/Prism. This product has a graphics user interface (built on X windows) to support interactive analysis of acoustic sources, paths, and treatments.

Sensors & Surveillance Department:
Designed, built, and sea-tested a real-time expert system for use in understanding & explaining massive amounts of sonar data from experimental active systems. Conceived and built an automatic programming system for creating high-performance, high-reliability real-time signal processing applications.

Artificial Intelligence Department:
Developed the user interface and paraphraser for the BBN/Parlance natural language software product, which allows database queries to be made in English.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Other Activities


Worked with Prof. Harald Reiche and Prof. Harold Edgerton to locate the tomb of Alaric (King of the Visigoths) in a riverbed in southern Italy using seismic sonar and ground-penetrating radar.

Founder, MIT Technology Hackers Association

Educational Council member (interviewing prospective MIT applicants)

Stonington, CT

Stonington Board of Finance member

Stonington Charter Revision Commission member

Quiambaug Fire Department member (volunteer fireman)


Banshee sailboat class President

Collie Rescue League of New England member, (former member of board of directors) for non-profit group which places stray or unwanted collies.

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