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Professional Activities

My company is Bentz Engineering. We do software engineering with an emphasis on artificial intelligence, good user interface design, database systems, data mining/machine learning, and 3D visualization. Applied physics work has included building in-air acoustic arrays and doing thermodynamic modeling of older buildings.







My Pages On This Site
Ideas Some ideas and musings for your consideration and amusement.
Blog Infrequent writings on a variety of topics
Bentz genealogy Pages relating to the Bentz and associated families.
Banshee sailboat The Banshee Class National Association web page.

Pages Elsewhere You Might Like
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WIRED article on MIT hacking An article  in which I make a brief appearance with my name misspelled.
Gallery of MIT hacks The M. I. T. Museum's hacking pages.
The Caltech cannon hack A bit about the Howe & Ser Moving Company.


Contact Information

I've dropped the "mailto:" tags because of the volume of spam that results from people scraping them from web pages. However, my email addresses are: