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These photographs were digitized by Robert P. Bentz. This is just an initial sampling.  Contributions are greatly encouraged.

My intent is to organize them roughly by family group.  Sometimes this is hard to do, as each individual is part of at least two families: that of his parents, and that which includes his children.  

George Bentz & Nancy Groff Family

George Bentz (1807-1893) and Nancy Groff (1812-1894) lived at the George Bentz house. They had 10 children.  George was the son of Johan Jacob Bentz and Susannah Lau.  Nancy Groff (or Grove) was the daughter of Magdaline Frontz and Daniel Groff.

        George & Nancy Bentz (two photos)


Daniel Bentz Family

Daniel Bentz, son of George and Nancy above, married Nancy J. Rohler (or Roller). They had 12 children.


John Hershey Family

John Hershey (1827-1897), son of Joseph Hershey and Susannah Gentzler married  Elizabeth Shetter (1827-1874).  Two of their daughters married sons of George Bentz (above): Henrietta married Solomon, and Katherine married Andrew George.  They had six children.


Andrew George Bentz Family

Andrew George Bentz married Katherine Hershey Bentz (1850-1903) daughter of Joseph Hershey and Elizabeth Shetter (above).

    Andrew George Bentz and his wife, Katherine Hershey Bentz.



Peter J. Bentz Family

Peter J. Bentz, son of Andrew George Bentz and Katherine Hershey, married Ethel Marie Turk.  They had one child, Dorothy.



Solomon Bentz Family

Solomon Bentz, son of George and Nancy, not to be confused with his grandson Solomon Earl Bentz, who was the son of Monroe Hershey Bentz, was born October 28, 1841.  He married Henrietta Hershey, daughter of Joseph Hershey above.

Solomon Bentz family



Monroe Hershey Bentz Family

Monroe Hershey Bentz, son of Solomon Bentz, married Nora Alice Cook on September 22, 1892. They had four children.

Monroe Hershey Bentz and wife (Nora Alice Cook)

George Henry Bentz Family

George Henry Bentz, son of Andrew George Bentz and Katherine Hershey, married Julia Edith Lorn Turk in 1893.  They had six children.

    Major George Henry Bentz, WWI

    A family photograph



Paul Andrew Bentz Family

Paul Andrew Bentz, son of George Henry Bentz, married Elizabeth Blew Davis.  They had two children.



Kenneth George Bentz Family

Kenneth George Bentz, son of George Henry Bentz,  married Hazel Ziggafoos in 1925.  They had three children.



Marion Francis Bentz Family

This picture was taken in Easter of 2004. 

Tobias Bentz Family

Picture 1: the Tobias Bentz family, his children to Alice B. (Nettie and Margaret), but with his second wife, Annie Sollenberger.  Photo taken about 1905.  

Left to Right: Back Row, Children of Tobias and his 1st wife; Gertie, Albert, and Laura

Left to Right Front Row - Nettie Bentz , Tobias Bentz, and Annie (Sollenberger) Bentz.

Picture 2: child Margaret.



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