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These family web pages are intended as a repository
of genealogical data relating to the Bentz family, with particular
emphasis on the descendants of Andreas Bentz,
who arrived in 1740 in Pennsylvania.

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This web site provides two means of communications among family members: a discussion forum and a mailing list.

The discussion forum is a web-based tool for handling threaded discussions. You may post messages, or look back and read previous discussion threads on topics of interest to you. It is probably the better place to post real information, as it will be available to others in the future. Unlike the data at this website, however, anyone on the Internet may read the forum contents.

The mailing list is useful for notifying people about events, or even to actively let them know about something interesting in the discussion forum. Sending a message to it will cause that message to go to all those currently subscribed. Right now, these messages aren't archived anywhere.

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Research Resources

York, PA Records (Michael W. Lau)

Michael W. Lau's volume "Bentz Families (Includes Pentz Families) of York County, Pennsylvania And Surrounding Areas", (October 1998) is an excellent and very useful listing of any mentions of individuals in the civil or church records in York Co. He has graciously allowed his copyrighted material to appear here for convenient reference. This volume is broken into two parts below for convenient download. It is in order of the male head of family.

The third .rtf file is Michael Lau's "Bentz Marriages Recorded At the Register of Wills, York County PA".

Cemetery Data:

German Origins:

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