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Welcome to the Banshee Class Web Page

The Banshee

Banshee Line Drawing Photo of Banshee sailing

The Banshee is a very fast 13-foot fiberglass sailboat. It was designed by Richard L. Reid. It weighs 120 lbs., and carries 82 square feet of sail. It is very quick, responsive, and fun to sail.

Richard Reid designed the Banshee in 1969. He had been building Flying Juniors which had been winning races. The Sunfish was out, and Richard thought that there was room for a mass-market boat a bit more substantial.

He was a retailer in Foster City, CA. He used the hull shape of the Flying Junior as his model, making a few minor modifications. The first fleets were in Foster City and at the San Jose Sailing Club. These boats were built by Richard Reid himself (his company was known as Marine Plastics.) He began to subcontract construction to Merrysville and Santa Cruz.

Barry Bruch raised venture capital to establish Banshee International, which took over production of the boats (with Richard Reid as VP). They built boats in Santa Cruz (from 1974) and Scotts Valley (from 1982).

Some Banshee drawings: Drawings from Steve Bonham

Click here to see an early brochure on the boat.

An experimental variant, the Griffon, was built by Banshee International. It used very lightweight materials (e.g. carbon fiber), had the same deck, and basically the same hull (with some minor modifications - for example a slightly fuller bow). It weighed 80 lbs! Fifteen were made.

Abbott Boats of Ontario, Canada was licensed to make 500 boats. It isn't known how many they made, or what became of the molds.

The primary Portsmouth Number (D-PN) for the Banshee is 94.3. This number represents the length of time boats take to sail a common but unspecified distance; the numbers are useful for comparing boats (The Laser is 91.3). A smaller number indicates a faster boat. This number was taken from the 1993 compilation of Portsmouth numbers by the United States Sailing Association, as quoted in "A Field Guide to Sailboats", by Richard M. Sherwood.

If your hull still has it's Hull Identification Number ("HIN"), you can determine what it means from this web page:

You may download the proposed new class rules as an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file by clicking here.

A decent view of the boat


Class Rules

Click here to view the Class Rules, scanned/OCR'ed/cleaned up by Steve Bonham.



If you're interested in making a half-model of the banshee, here is a sketch of the lines:


Maintainence Tips

Parts for the Banshee are available from:
Banshee Central Hart Sail Design
8006 Clifton Road
Sacramento, CA 95826
(916) 736-1620

They have taken over basically all of the equipment from the original manufacturer, and can provide you with just about any part you'd need.

Another source to try is:

Abbott Boats
Sarnia, Ontario
(519) 542-2771


Sailing Tips

(As with the entire Web Page, please send me suggestions for this category.) Anecdotes would be most welcome. An excellent guide to heavy weather sailing is Bill Haile's Guide to Heavy Weather Sailing for the Banshee. A discussion of rigging options is Mike Salmon's Guide to Rigging the Banshee. Another excellent page on rigging is Steve Bonham's.

Fleet One

From John Poimiroo:

A sacramento Banshee fleet was officially organized Feb. 27, 1998 in George Koch's family room...

There was quite a bit of good-natured discussion about what to call the new fleet. After Tom Goodwin suggested "Sacramento Banshee Fleet #1", one of the other bird boaters said, "How about 'National Banshee Fleet #1', while another joked "Why stop there, let's name it 'World Banshee Fleet #1'". After much discussion, the group settled on "Banshee Fleet #1 (Sacramento)", setting a precedent for the development of other such fleets.

For more Banshee information, look at the Banshee Fleet One web page.

(Ed. note: for futher info, check the Folsom Lake Yacht Club Page.)


Owners & Locations

This section is included to allow owners to find others nearby. If you'd like to be listed here, send email to:
We used to list email addresses, but due to the possible snarfing of these by spammers they've been moved.

There is now a password-protected page with this information here. Email me (Bryan Bentz) if you're a Banshee owner and would like the password. These addresses are not for further distribution.


Banshee Owners

Steve Bonham

Tom Clark

Jameson Epp

Al and Jesse Felato

P. Hodgson

Brian Larson

Steve Leddy

Tom Miller

Robert and Erik Nass


George Gowan
Montgomery, AL


Randy Wagner
North Pole, AK


Brian Johnson
Phoenix, AZ
Thomas Hippert
Tucson, AZ
#1708, 971


Ögyen Dorje
Alameda, CA
Ralph Sklar
Alameda, CA
Kevin Storm
Alameda, CA
#3897 "Wet Romp"
John Andrew
Aptos, CA
Jim Moodie
Cameron Park, CA
George R. Koch
Carmichael, CA
Pamela Price-Knox
Carmichael, CA
Ed Hunter
Castro Valley, CA
Randy Hollingsworth
Citrus Heights, CA
#4929 "Yowler"
Sue Hollingsworth
Citrus Heights, CA
#31 "U-31"
Duffy Langford
Citrus Heights, CA
Rodney Phillips
Citrus Heights, CA
Chris Schmieding
Citrus Heights, CA
Philip & Becky Frame
Clarksburg, CA
Greg & Aaron Partell
Colfax, CA
Bob Backer
El Dorado Hills, CA
Kerry Johnson
El Dorado Hills, CA
Craig Lee
El Dorado Hills, CA
Mary Niederberger
El Dorado Hills, CA
John Poimiroo
El Dorado Hills, CA
#2760, 2000
Jerry Beavers
Elk Grove, CA
Charles Hess
Elk Grove, CA
Wayne & Joanna Arnold
Eureka, CA
Jim Christopher
Eureka, CA
Carolyn Alva-Wright
Fair Oaks, CA
"Luck o' the Irish"
Herb & Kathi Heil
Fair Oaks, CA
Mack Bishop
Folsom, CA
Dean Eppley
Folsom, CA
Daria Eppley
Folsom, CA
Pam Knox
Folsom, CA
Todd A. Craig
Foresthill, CA
Matt Boroughf
Foster City, CA
Konrad Pearce
Glendora, CA
Chris Hillard
Larkspur, CA
Mike Pocha
Livermore, CA
Bill Potts
Livermore, CA
Jay Bruch
Los Altos Hills, CA
Barry Bruch
Los Altos Hills, CA
Barbara Titel
Los Gatos, CA
Richard Slade
Morgan Hill, CA
Steve & Melinda Dudley
Nevada, CA
Skip Stanyon
Northern Auburn, CA
Max Strube
Novato, CA
Ward Fulcher
Oakland, CA
Paul Granthem
Oakland, CA
Mary Fisler Rude
Placerville, CA
Bill Rutherford
Plymouth, CA
Brent Granthem
Pollock Pines, CA
Greg Rogers
Pollock Pines, CA
Ryan Twelves
Pollock Pines, CA
Wade Behling
Sacramento, CA
Mark Dawson
Sacramento, CA
#2760, 5064 "Spirit, Quietly Making Noise"
Michael Drews
Sacramento, CA
Tom Goodwin
Sacramento, CA
Sherron Hart
Sacramento, CA
Phill LaZier
Sacramento, CA
Charles Witcher
Sacramento, CA
Mick Alias
San Jose, CA
Bill Blosen
San Jose, CA
Don Hubbard
San Jose, CA
Curt Rodgers
San Jose, CA
Rick Espinosa
Santa Clara, CA
Heidi A. Palmer
Santa Clara, CA
Bill Walters
Sonora, CA
John Maguire
Tujunga, CA
Bruce Hatch
Ukiah, CA
Alan Jess
Winters, CA


Burt Revell
Centennial, CO
Mark Miller
Denver, CO
MacGregor Smith
Fort Collins, CO


John Courtney
Milford, CT
Bryan Bentz
Stonington, CT
#1331 "1/sqrt(1-v^2/c^2)"


John Diskau
Milford, DE


Michael Salmon
Boynton Beach, FL
Rebecca Adams
Ft. Walton Beach, FL
Michael H. Hulme
Panama City, FL
Robert Childers
Sarasota, FL


Josh Weithop
Augusta, GA
Jonathan Davis
Rome, GA
Bryan Shealy
Rome, GA


Peggy & Donata Don
Sandpoint, ID


Craig Rost
Champaign, IL
Steve McClellan
Evanston, IL
Kent Lowry
Normal, IL
Harold Rail
Woodstock, IL


Fritz Goeckner
Burlington, IA
Eric Larson
Des Moines, IA


Rob Rorg
Murray, KY
Rob Sorg
Murray, KY


Bill Haile
Annapolis, MD
Elaine/Ted Ferraro
Ocean Pines, MD
Gabor Karafiath
Silver Spring, MD


Harry Breakstone
Ann Arbor, MI
Bill Wright
Ann Arbor, MI
Scott Veenstra
Hancock, MI
Jeffrey Gage
Milan, MI
Peter T. Bliss
Northville, MI
Phil Guichelaar
Portage, MI
Margaret Counihan
Whitmore Lake, MI
Steve Chaikin
Witmore Lake, MI


Adam Campbell
Lake Elmo, MN
Ben Carlson
Minneapolis, MN


Stan Woodring
Lincoln, NE
Bill Moore
Omaha, NE


Joe Webb
Incline Village, NV
Chris Smart
Las Vegas, NV

New Hampshire

Rich Wilk
Nashua, NH

New Mexico

David Myers
Albuquerque, NM
Scott Paalsce
Albuquerque, NM

New York

Jacob Pinskey
Coram, NY
Richard Szczepanski
Schenectady, NY


Mike Turcotte
Cincinnati, OH


  Dave Rossman
Corbett, OR
Scott Carroll
Corvallis, OR
David Waldron
Jacksonville, OR
David Beach
Sherwood, OR
#2754; 4202
Stave Piazza
Wilsonville, OR


Karl Marchut
Carlisle, PA
Beth Beacham
Exton, PA
Steven Nuttall
Lebanon, PA
Bill Yeager
Middletown, PA
Bill Johnson
Wayne, PA
Jane Heller
York, PA

South Carolina

Chris Freeman
Columbia, SC
Allen Langhans
Jocassee, SC
Rick Hasser
Taylors, SC


Harry Stuber
Cookeville, TN
Steve Byrne
Humboldt, TN


Steve and Abbey Kornblau
Nassau Bay, TX


Mike and Trevor Gibson
Salt Lake City, UT


Tim O'Kane
Fairfax, VA
Ken Eyerman
Herndon, VA
Sean Wilson
Spotsylvania, VA


Kathy Halpin
Bellevue, WA
Ken Perine
Bellevue, WA
Don Rees
Carnation, WA
Scott Shirey
Kent, WA
Trevor Kovich
Lakewood, WA
Mark Anderson
Olympia, WA
Scott Foster
Seattle, WA
Bob Dustan
Treasure Island, WA
Jessica & Alan Stokke
Vancouver, WA
Allen Rossman
Woodinville, WA


Nick Dahl

Ken Dewar

Eliza Blackstock

New South Wales

Tony Rose
Grafton, New South Wales



Lynn Clark
Craig and Judy Wallace


Tom Donnelly
Goderich, Ontario
#1276 or 1279
Albert/Sonya Whissell
Sudbury, Ontario
Calvin Brown
Toronto, Ontario


Nils Hoffman

The Netherlands

Marijn van Heeswijk


Wanted & For Sale

May 17, 2004
For sale (Massachusetts): Banshee #4226, for parts or restoration. Has original mast, sail, dagger board. Rebuilt rudder (does not swing). For anyone who is interested in a restoration project, hull had a tree fall on it during a winter storm and has a crack running through the front quarter. I will be moving soon and I can not take it with me. Question, photos, etc, please feel free to contact Eric at (617) 916-2900

April 12, 2004
Banshee for sale in Santa Cruz, CA. Immaculate Banshee fully rigged with sail and new trailer. Fully race ready, all spars. $1500 obo. Must pick up - 2 inch trailer ball. Call Janet (w) 831-426-8697 or (h) 831-429-8950.

Banshee #1494, 100% race ready. New sail plus original. Compass. Two daggerboards. Smooth bottom. First place, SS # 1, May 00. Second place, Gold Country Regatta.
Sacramento, CA

Wanted - August 28, 2000 is looking to purchase a Banshee in good working condition. He's in the SF Bay Area.


Final Comments

I'd like this Web Page to grow based on the interests of Banshee owners. If you have good photos, anecdotes, or advice, please send it/them to me. (The photos on this page slow it down already, but I might create a separate 'photo album' page.) Likewise, if you know other Banshee owners, point them to the page!

Last update: 06/15/04.